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‘Slow-and-steady’. That is how Mr Siva describes his weight loss journey.

The journey of his weight loss started back in the year 2008. He was a smoker and his body size was big. Things changed when he started to feel his health began to deteriorate and it hit him the most when his parents expressed their concerns about his body size, for him it was a sign to change his lifestyle.

It was in 2009, he decided to reduce his weight. He followed methods online by cutting down calories without exercises – he only consumed food with 1000 calories albeit his body needs 2600 calories per day. The method has worked and his weight drastically dropped from 105 kg to 75 kg. However, his muscle was weakened. He looked scrawny and unhealthy.

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When he came back to Malaysia, he started overeating and within 2 years, he weighed back at 115 kg and further increased to 120 kg. Hence, he realises that he needs to control his eating habit. This time, he didn’t count his calories intake, instead he started with cardio exercises such as slow jogs and running. No cheat days, eating less rice and doing cardio four times a week for an hour.

His wife also introduced him to weight training and got him signed up with the gym starting January 2019. At the same time, he also practices intermittent fasting (IF) for one and a half years. It works for him as he loses weight from 85 to 81 kg and feels more healthy.

However, when he starts eating without doing exercise consistently, he received comments from close friends and family that he was putting on weight again.

The photo on the left, is Mr Siva at 120 kg in 2015.

‘In the process of weight loss, never allow opinions of others to distract you in your weight loss journey.’

Mr Siva, Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) participant

He loses weight for the past 2 years and unexpectedly many people told him he was putting on weight. So, he changed his method by switching to One Meal a Day (OMAD) as he feels he wants to lose weight drastically. He added that, when he practiced OMAD by eating between 6.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m., he will eat whatever he wants to eat. He will only starts eating back on the next day. However, he has his ‘cheat meal’, and he gained back all the weights and struggled to reduce his weight.

During his participation in the Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) program, he learned that he needs to train his body to consume the amount of calories it needs. Therefore, he starts eating normally and doing cardio and weight training consistently. He is maintaining his weight at 78 kg.

kisah kurus, bukan soal kurus, weight loss, kurangkan berat badan, BSK
Mr Siva in 2021, 78 kg

His advice to others who are currently in their weight loss journey is to be discipline and consistently practice the method that is comfortable for the body and keep on going. Avoid putting high expectations and weighting everyday because it will easily demotivate oneself. Once a person chooses to lose weight, stick to it and never give up.

He also said that, in the process of weight loss, never allow opinions of others to distract you in your weight loss journey. Losing 0.25 kg per week is an excellent achievement. The most important thing is not to rush on it, it should be slow and steady as losing weight and being healthy is a lifetime commitment and it is a never ending journey.

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