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Looking to start a weight loss program for your company? Here are the main 10 reasons why you and your corporation should encourage and active your employees via a weight loss program like Bukan Soal Kurus – Corporate Edition

  1. Reduce Absenteeism. Regular exercise and healthy lifestyle keeps the employees healthy and they become less vulnerable to common illnesses. 
  2. Reduces stress. Exercise helps to release endorphin which is also known as the happy hormone in our body. 
  3. Reduces Health problem among the employees like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other comorbidities.
  4. Reduces health care costs. When your employees are healthy and fit, , it will create a significant impact on the cost incurred on medical provisions.
  5. Increase productivity of the employees as they will be energized, more focused and motivated to channel their energy towards your corporations productivies and objectives. 
  6. Improves the morale of the employees. A happier and healier employess is a more productive one.
  7. Increases the brain power hence employees are able to perform better with better memories, problem solving and able to multi-task. This also helps to curb health issues arising from mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.
  8. Motivates the employees. Regular exercise keeps the employees more energetic, motivated and happy at work.  
  9. Better sleep. Exercise is helpful in stabilizing sleep patterns. Having a restful night is essential for the employees to be energetic the next morning for work. 
  10. Team Building. Employees are less likely to quit and are more motivated to achieve their goals. Group exercise sessions contributes to improving the internal relationships among the colleagues. 

If you would like to explore how you and your organization can kick off holistic wellness or weight loss program for your group, feel free to check out our award-winning Bukan Soal Kurus 8-week Corporate program or drop us an email at

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