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Dr Ika Suraya or preferably being called Suraya, is a medical frontliner in Klang Valley. For quite some times, she had not been able to exercise because of her hectic working schedule as a medical frontliner. However, she tries her best to make time for herself and exercise.

Suraya’s turning point for a healthier lifestyle was after she gained weight due to her pregnancy between the year 2018 to 2019. During her pregnancy, she suffered from severe reflux and she vomited frequently. To avoid feeling hungry, she kept on eating unhealthy food. As a result, she gained 25 kg. Meanwhile, Suraya has a strong family history of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and heart disease. Hence, her fear of getting those chronic diseases at an early age, urged her to change her lifestyle.

‘I am having a hectic work schedule due to pandemic. I started to participate in Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) Season 3 with high spirit and tried to keep up with the program as much as possible.’ Suraya told Coach Kevin Zahri that she was 90 kg in January 2021, but after joining BSK she lost to 63 kg with a BMI of 24.

Nowadays, she try to maintain healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule as a doctor. She exercises by following Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) program videos which could be access by BSK participants at their own leisure time. Suraya mentioned that her favourite Coach is Coach Giha, whose BSK training videos she often followed and motivational videos by Coach Kevin Zahri.

To practice healthy lifestyle can be very difficult, but the key is to be consistent. Start small and be consistent. Eventually, it becomes a habit. Being healthy is a way of loving yourself and your loved ones’, said Suraya, who is hoping to inspire others to practice healthy lifestyle with her story.

In the journey of being healthy, there are many challenges that come from within and most of the times, we’re our own worst enemy. Setting a realistic goal is important before we start our weight loss journey. In her case, Suraya has her own goal in achieving healthy living. We need to address our capabilities, our daily calorie requirement (DCR) and other concerns before setting up our own goal in weight loss. Most importantly, we need to be kind to ourselves along the journey.

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