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Dieting is the first thing that comes to mind when the topic of weight loss is discussed. Everyone has different understanding about dieting. Some people choose crash diet, taking supplements or cutting down food intakes. Same goes with Aizuddin, he went through crash diet to lose weight. In 2017, Aizuddin was 130 kg before he started his ‘dieting’ journey. He felt exhausted and easily out of breath. Even though he only climbed up the stairs, it felt like he climbed the Mount Kinabalu.

As a financial planner, there were times when clients criticised his body size and leads him to lose confidence. His biggest turning point was when doctor told him that there were kidney stones showed in his x-ray. Therefore, he decided to join Jom Kurus (now, Bukan Soal Kurus) as a birthday present for himself and his wife, Aisyah.

Aizuddin enjoyed every moment when he participated in Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) program. There are different workouts in BSK program and he loves HIIT Bootcamp and boxing the most. Later, he fell in love with running while participated in 10 km virtual run. Other than that, he likes potluck gathering activities organised under the program. At the end of the program, Aizuddin was announced as runner-up, while his wife, Aisyah was the champion under Coach Qhal Isnariah. The wins motivated both, Aizuddin and Aisyah to continue with BSK program and joined JK Special Edition with Coach Kevin Zahri. In the JK Special Edition, Aizuddin was crowned champion and Aisyah was the runner-up.

In 2019, their journey continues with the good news of expecting their fourth child. In 2020, Aizuddin joined JK14 under Coach Sharul Azuan, and he was crowned as the runner-up with his total weight loss is 50 kg, from 130 kg reduced to 80 kg, while Aisyah’s weight reduced from 67 kg to 55 kg.

‘It is crucial to educate family members on the benefits of practicing healthy lifestyle’, said Aizuddin. The toughest is to get his children to be active in doing sports. Aizuddin encouraged his children to be active with roller blades and a scooter. During the Movement Control Order (MCO), Aizuddin made an achievement for running 127 km in 17 hours.

Other than doing activities, Aizuddin and Aisyah will plan their meals and managed their grocery list. They believe that a healthy lifestyle too, starts with what they have in the kitchen. To make changes is difficult, therefore starts small.

‘Start your day by drinking plain water every morning, a 3 minutes of HIIT or 1 km runs. Healthy lifestyle is a form of self-respect. No pain, no gain.’ Aizuddin ends his story with the simplest advice on a healthy lifestyle.

Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) 4 will begin next year in January 2022. Don’t forget to grab our Early Bird Registration offer on 4th January 2022!

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