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Due to Movement Control Order (MCO), lifestyle changes and most of the time people are too engaged with their work. Ruby, an Account Manager in a Multinational Company (MNC), a mother of one and she is also an MBA student during weekends. Everyday she needs to manage her time between her work and studies without realizing that she gives less attention to her health.

‘It was one day when I had to go for a run with my family and my son. I realized I had a hard time running along with my son. The situation makes me realize I have an issue with my weight. I want to be happy and to enjoy every moment with my family. It was the starting point of my journey on losing weight’, Ruby said.

Ruby’s weight was 89 kg, therefore she decide to look for a solution. From there, she started by joining a 60 days challenge to lose weight. In the duration of the challenge, Ruby only had her meal with meal replacements. This meal consists o protein powder and meal replacement, sometimes with fiber. Indeed, she lost her weight from 89 kg to 79 kg. However, the limit on the meal consumption contributes to her feeling tired and become less energetic.

‘There was once, I cooked Briyani for dinner. However, since I was in my 60 Days challenge and can only have meal replacement and not the Briyani I cooked. My husband teased me that I missed out such a nice meal. That makes me think, why can’t I just enjoy my food?’ The 60 days challenge makes her feel more stressful and she quits the challenge.

Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) program is a stress relief for me. I feel happier, I lose weight and there is also noticeable inch-loss.

RUBY, BSK Participant

A few months after she stop the challenge, she gained 3 kg more. She feels frustrated and feels that her previous efforts are wasted. In July 3rd July 2021, she joined Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) Program. In the program she learned calories counting and portions control, she joined master kurus and Zoom online training. In the BSK program, she learned from Cikgu Kevin that she should enjoy her meal according to the portion and one portion is better than none. Under BSK, she has managed to lose weight from 80.7 kg to 78.35 kg. Other than weight loss, she also aware of noticeable inch-loss.

Since she joined BSK, she feels happier and she knows that this program is for her and she can finally enjoy her favourite food. ‘This program is a stress relief for me and anyone who wants to be healthy, they need to identify their problems and take the first step to solve it.’ She added.

Bukan Soal Kurus (BSK) 4 will begin on 15th January 2022.

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