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More and more companies and corporations in Malaysia are reaping the benefits of creating a work environment that encourages health and wellness for their employees to help them enjoy healthier lives and boost productivity in the workplace.  

Here are the 2 main corporate wellness trends and how workplace wellness programs both in Malaysia and globally can help to enhance the employee’s experience and improve their overall health so that they could be more productive at work.

Mental Health Wellbeing

Mental health issues both globally and in Malaysia have been on the rise in recent years and it has worsened under the pandemic.

Most employers realize this and have started to incorporate mental health programs at work and that’s expected to be an area of continued focus for employers. Many are investing in online resources and digital health solutions to ensure their employee’s mental health is at optimum. 

Holistic wellness practices

Companies have started to view their employees’ health through the broader lens of well-being. They are starting to realize that workplace wellness needs to go beyond physical and mental health.

Organizations need to ensure that they are providing a wellness program that addresses these dimensions as well (social, emotional, spiritual, environmental and intellectual).

Programs that help individuals not only to manage and cope with stress and depression as well as providing holistic programs that benefit their employees. This shows employees that their company cares not just about their work performance but also about their overall life satisfaction.  

As work and life become increasingly intertwined with one another, these types of programs will help companies attract and retain talent.  


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