Bukan Soal Kurus 8-Week Corporate Weight Loss Program

Create your own full customisable 8-week Bukan Soal Kurus weight loss program for your organization.

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BSK Corporate Features:

  • 8-Week program with flexible kick off dates.
  • 100% Virtual or In-Office program.
  • 16x Session (Zoom or In-House) including workouts, Zumba, Muay Thai, nutrition, mental health, Yoga etc with amazing guest coaches.
  • 1x Dedicated certified Head Coach
  • eLearning Access with over 200+ Videos for on-demand viewing.¬†

Corporate Packages 

8-week virtual or in-house corporate transformation program, 1x dedicated coach, WhatsApp & email support, 16x live workouts/talks, 200+ video eLearning, reporting, weekly challenges & optional add-ons.


Per pax

Special offer for corporate enrolment into our seasonal BSK 8-week program which runs 2x a year.


Per pax

Exclusive corporate edition of our signature 8-week 100% virtual Bukan Soal Kurus program.


Per pax

Exclusive in-house version of our 8-week program with a hybrid of 8x virtual and 8x physical sessions.

Fitness Coaches, Doctor and Celebrity Coaches

1x Dedicated Coach

Every BSK Corporate 8-week program includes a dedicated coach who will be guiding, motivating and educating your participants via WhatsApp groups and weekly LIVE Zoom sessions. You may choose from fitness professionals, doctors, fitness influencers and/or qualified nutritionists. Want more than one? Perhaps a 1x fitness coach and 1x nutritionist, no problem.

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Yoga, Mental health, diet planning, Zumba, HIIT, Muay Thai

16x Zoom Sessions

Over the course of your custom 8-week BSK corporate program, participants will be able to join 8+8 LIVE Zoom sessions. 8x with their designated coach, 6x with various guest coaches and 2x celebrity coaches.

Our amazing VOD platform

eLearning Platform

Our BSK corporate edition uses the same eLearning platform throughout the 8-week program and covers topics from nutrition, weight management, mental health, depression, work life balance, stress management, home workouts, positivity and more. Customise it with your own content such as:

  • 200+ Video Lessons
  • Home Workouts
  • Diet Planning
  • Zoom Recordings
  • Upload your custom videos and messages.


Can corporation join the public BSK program?

Yes, corporations are welcome to enroll in our public BSK program which runs 2x per year. This option is not possible outside of the public BSK 8-week program.

When is the VIP BSK Corporate program hosted?

Our VIP BSK Corporate program can be hosted and kicked off at anytime throughout the year and is not dependent on our seasonal BSK public program.

Can VIP BSK Corporate enjoy the benefits of the public program?

Yes, as long as your VIP BSK Corporate program runs parallel OR overlaps with the public program, you may enjoy the benefit of both.

How many pax can 1x dedicated coach handle?

To sure the quality of the program, a single dedicated coach is allowed to handle no more than 50 pax at one time.

Can I request Kevin Zahri as head coach?

Yes, depending on availability, you may request Kevin Zahri as head coach for your BSK 8-week program. Extra charges apply.

Are non participants able to access the eLearning?

Unfortunately, access to our amazing eLearning is limited and personalized to registered participants only.

What language is BSK Corporate conducted in?

Our eLearning platform and coaches caters to both English and Bahasa Malaysia speaking audience.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for?

Feel free to contact us at your convenience and our team would be happy to assist you with your question and needs.