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Your every own 8-Week Corporate Bukan Soal Kurus program with Kevin Zahri

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BSK Corporate Edition

Create your very own unique and closed Bukan Soal Kurus Corporate program for your organization.


Per Pax

Directly enrol your employees in our seasonal BSK public program which run 2x per year. Subject to availability, you can also “buy out” coaches to ensure everyone is under the same “roof”.


Per Pax

Exclusively customised BSK 8-week corporate program with dedicated coach, 16x Zoom sessions, customised eLearning platform for respective corporations with reporting, certs and statistics.

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Bukan Soal Kurus

It is not about “kurus”.

BSK Corporate Features

Following are some of the key highlights for our BSK Corporate program. Got custom requirements? Do reach out to us.

Dedicated WhatsApp Group

Lead by your designated head coach.

12x Zoom Sessions

With expert coaches from all over Malaysia.

eLearning Platform

An amazing eLearning platform for daily learning and discussions.

Weight Loss Masterclass

Videos, discussion and daily topics.

“Bukan Soal Kurus mengajar saya untuk betulkan mindset untuk sihat.”

– Nur, Oil & Gas

“Simply love the e-platform that’s packed with great talks by Kevin Zahri and workout videos.”

– Mazni, IT Systems Engineer

“I especially the workouts and the Suka Hati Aku tagline. At the end of the day it’s all about myself.”

– Azreen, Sector Kerajaan

Choose your very own dedicated Coach

Each program is accompanied by a pre-selected and dedicated coach who will support all participants throughout the entire journey via WhatsApp, Zoom sessions. All participants will also get VIP support directly from Kevin Zahri.

Some amazing coaches in our network
customize our e-learning to your needs

100% Customisable

Our BSK corporate edition uses the same eLearning platform throughout the 8-week program and covers topics from nutrition, weight management, mental health, depression, work life balance, stress management, home workouts, positivity and more. Customise it with your own content such as:

  • corporate messages
  • internal videos
  • CEO messages
  • contests, quizzes
  • certificates and much more
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How is BSK corporate different from the public program?

BSK corporate share all of the essence that make our public program as successful as it is. But where the public program only runs 2-3x per year, the corporate version of BSK can be scheduled based on your needs. You decide the kick-off date, duration and execution of the program.

Can employess join the BSK public program?

Yes, our public BSK program is open to everyone. Many corporation enrol their employees in small numbers into the public program which is not exclusive to the organisation itself.

Is Bukan Soal Kurus approved by the Ministry of Health?

Yes, in fact, Bukan Soal Kurus, was jointly created together with Kevin Zahri and MOH as an intervention program to combat rise of obesity in Malaysia, including the corporate sectors.

Can BSK corporate be conducted in-house?

Yes, BSK corporate can be conducted as a 100% virtual or in-house program. Depending on your needs, in-house seminars, talks, bootcamps and/or other session can be hosted at your venue as well. Contact us for more information.

Does the program focus on mental health & stress?

Although most participants initially join the problem wanting to lose weight, the program is meant to be holistic and aids participants in building sustainable habits, mental health issues, stress, work-life balance and other elements of life that are detrimental in helping individuals develop sustainable change.

Pre-Sales Questions or Zoom discussion?

If you have additional questions, custom requirements and/or would like to schedule a virtual Zoom or Goole Meet session, please fee free to contact us at your convenience.