Pertubuhan Pencegahan Obesiti Dewasa dan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia


Our non-profit organisation, Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organisation, was founded in 2019 by our chairman, Kevin Zahri to combat the rise of obesity and inactivity amongst the school community in Malaysia.

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It starts with you.

Help Us in Our Fight Against Obesity

Being on of the most obese countries in Asia, our fight against the rise of obesity in Malaysia must begin at home, it must be present in schools, home, our daily lives, and it must be cultivated from young. The experience of being fit, health, strong and active must be fun. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent or government leader, the fight against the rise of obesity begins with you. 

We all play a role to take ownership of our own health and impact those who are in our own circle of influence. This is the very focus on our NGO: To empower YOU through initiatives like Bukan Soal Kurus (obesity intervention) and Jom Aktif (community sports for all), in bringing our program to your household, workplace and very own communities.