Become a BSK Team Leader

Join our passionate “bukan soal kurus”, bring your amazing expertise and help us combat the rise of obesity in Malaysia. Bersama!

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Your Responsibility

As a designated and privileged BSK coach, you have the opportunity to be part of BSK, Jom Kurus or both.


Team Leaders for Bukan Soal Kurus or BSK lead participants through a 6-week virtual only program.

  • Limited to 25 Team Leaders
  • Up to 75pax/group
  • Leads a WhatsApp Group
  • Min 1x LIVE per week 
  • 1x open LIVE via our eCommunity
  • Earn up to RM3000

Earn up to RM3,000

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Jom Kurus

Team Leaders for Jom Kurus or JK1M lead participants through 6-week physical program at a specific or chosen location.

  • Location Specific
  • Up to 50 pax/group
  • Leads a WhatsApp Group
  • 2x Face2Face per week 
  • 1x LIVE Per Week
  • Earn up to RM7500

Earn up to RM7,500

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BSK Team Leader Certification Program

Join our Team Leader Certification program to transform & empower you to bring BSK to your very own communities.

Certification program

You are in amazing company!

Our team is blessed with amazing multi-talented and passionate coaches.

A totally different yet fresh experience learning from all the BSK peserta and other BSK trainers as we get to exchange ideas and insights even though we’ve never met in real life. Definitely the new norm in the fitness/weight loss industry nowadays and it works as good as training face-to-face maybe even more because of its flexibility & easy way to communicate.

Very honoured to be part of BSK season 1 trainer team. Selain dari mengajar dan membimbing para peserta, saya turut mendapat peluang untuk belajar sekali. Kerana setiap peserta ada masalah dan latar belakang yang berlainan. Lagipun ini merupakan kelas virtual dimana saya terdedah dengan peserta dari negeri yang berlainan latar belakang. Terima kasih kerana diberi peluang untuk membimbing dan belajar sama sekali.

My experience as a BSK trainer was amazing. There’s a lot of unforgettable moments. Although I’m the trainer, but I’ve also learn a lot in BSK. I’ve got a great team that always give their best whatever task that were given. I’ve also have a great support from Kevin Zahri & Gayatri and also from other trainers!!

Pengalaman menjadi salah seorang jurulatih BSK adalah sangat berharga kerana peluang belajar dari satu sama lain, baik sesama jurulatih maupun dari peserta. Ia membuatkan 2 bulan tidak terasa kerana tugasan dibahagi sesama semua jurulatih dan peserta pun dapat kepelbagaian dan bimbingan teratur dan berkesan dari E-Learning platform Kevin Zahri.

It’s a great experience to work with BSK team. It is very well planned (daily challenge / daily workout) to make sure the participants are kept active. Besides, the team is very supportive. All the trainers are ever ready to help each other and back each other up. Definitely looking forward to BSK season 2!

BSK gave me an amazing opportunity to connect and to learn new things from everyone especially from all the trainers around Malaysia and of course with all the 1000s participants nationwide. One thing I learn from the program is to be creative, versatile, use the available resources (virtually) and to reach as many people as we can. It was an amazing experience for me as trainer, and to all the participants to stay connected.


What are the qualifications requirements?

BSK team leader applications are open to all fitness trainers, nutritionists, aerobic instructors, weight loss success stories, yoga instructors, doctors, physiotherapists, mixed martial arts instructors and any fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about helping their communities.

How do team leaders get compensated?

Yes, all BSK team leaders will be compensated to fulfil their responsibilities for the 6-week program. Compensation are based on the number of participants in the team leaders group.

When will the next BSK program begin?

As BSK is a seasonal program that runs 2x per year, please refer to the front page or contact us for more information.

Is this a full-time or freelance position?

This is a freelance position. If you are interested in a potential full-time position within our team, please contact us.

What language must I conduct the program?

Bahasa Malaysia is preferred but we welcome team leaders who are fluent in English, Mandarin, Tamil and other local dialects.ek program. Extra charges apply.

Does this role require me to travel or work from an office?

No. You can conduct and participate in the entire BSK program virtually from anywhere around world. For Jom Kurus, physical activities are based on the location of your choice during application.

Will BSK provide onboarding training for new team leaders?

Yes, aside from general guidelines, briefings and dedicated coaches will given access to our eLearning platform used by participants and will be required to complete our onboarding team leader multiple-choice examination which re-enforces the teachings and philosophy of BSK. 

Am I allowed to run a parallel weight loss program during my role as BSK Team Leader?

No. In order to synergise the efforts to bring the best and holistic experience to both coaches and participants alike, selected BSK team leaders are not allowed to run a similar group weight loss program during the duration of the BSK 6-week program. If you need further clarification due to a possible conflict of interest, please contact us at your convenience.